All Things – WildFire Philippines 2015


Building on the work of 2 summer teams and various other teams visiting the Philippines over the past 2 years, WildFire will be heading out to Philippines to partner with The Kings Lodge Mega Outreach & looking to influence ‘all things’ for the Kingdom!

Jesus entered into the world in a physical body, tangible & meaty. This summer we want to have an affect on all walks of life, all spheres of influence in such a way that the the places we visit will not look the same again.

Our starting place will be modelling what family can look like when infused by the love of God and the power of Holy Spirit and raising the joy level through arts & celebration, but from there we want to express kingdom values into education, business, government, science & technology, media and, of course, the church.

We will be aiming to invest time and energy into projects that are catalysts for exponential, long term, change that lead to the discipleship of the nation of the Philippines and, ultimately, all nations!

Outreach opportunities:

Soccer team – playing/coaching

#RaiseTheJoyLevel – community parties, baptisms, house to house ministry.

Campus team – investing in both students and teachers

Treasure hunting at Mall concerts – reaching out to the more affluent folk in Cagayan De Oro

We are also looking for, medics/nurses, teachers, builders and people good at building maintenance.

Please get in touch with your specialist skills so we can plan to make use of your giftings and release you to build the kingdom as part of he WildFire team.

When: 26th July – 14th August (approx)

Age: 10 and up without parent\guardian – below 10 with parent/guardian.

Cost: £1700 (approx, including flights)

Earlybird rate: £1500 – available until 30th April

All travelers are required to ensure appropriate vaccinations & visas are acquired and are required to obtain comprehensive travel insurance.

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