Planting Together

Screen-Shot-2013-06-04-at-16.41.47“Planting Together” is a platform to mobilize youth and families, in partnership with other agencies, to plant trees and promote reforestation in critical zones on the African Continent.

How does it work? Planting Together sends advance teams into regions to consult with African and international government and NGO leaders. Together, they identify projects that can receive teams to assist reforestation initiatives. Currently, projects are active in Senegal and Tanzania with more coming on line as conditions warrant.

Planting together is building a bridge whereby ordinary people with an extraordinary desire to serve can truly make a difference in Africa. But there’s more!

Planting Together is developing partnerships with charitable groups to work with street kids, orphanages, youth and children’s programming, mobile medical clinics, sport activities, etc. If you want to serve in Africa, Wildfire teams joining the Planting Together initiative may be the vehicle to get you there!!

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