Wildfire Christmas in the Philippines


Ever wanted to experience a Christmas and New Year like no other? A Christmas and new year in the slums of the Philippines is just that.

What we will be doing:

  • Hosting Christmas and New Year parties for those living in slums and deprived areas
  • Visiting orphanages and care homes
  • Hosting a mass wedding and celebration for 10+ couples in a local community
  • Being part of the the beginning of a new bridge building project in an isolated community
  • Praying for the sick
  • Leading Bible studies
  • Visiting some of the natural attractions and beauty spots of the Philippines

Cost: £1200 approx p/p – this estimation is based on flights, food, accommodation and daily travel whilst on outreach. A final cost will be known nearer the time (this is largely dependent on flights). This does not include the cost of any visa’s, insurance or travel vaccinations and medication.

Age: All ages and families are welcome. Those under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All travelers are required to have their own travel insurance.

Closing date for applications: 1st November

For more info and application forms contact Jake on 07973 596 931 or moohah_@hotmail.com